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nsf twitter   National Science Foundation Tweets About Our Research: Bilingual brains, computing clouds, a life-saving musical sensor and genome sequencing in medieval cemeteries. It’s 4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About This Week, all with funding from NSF.
Science Daily   ScienceDaily: – Bilingualism: How We Turn On and Off Languages 


languages   Newsweek – What Happens When You Flip Between Languages 

Blanco-Elorrieta, E., Emmorey, K., & Pylkkänen, L. (2018). Language switching decomposed through MEG and evidence from bimodal bilinguals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

signing   Spoken and Signed Language Use the Same Neural Pathways 

When We Sign, We Build Phrases with Similar Neural Mechanisms as When We Speak

Scientific Reports – Shared Neural Correlates for Building Phrases in Signed and Spoken Language (pdf)

Geo Kartheiser   Lipinsky Scholarship Recipient, Geo Kartheiser, Ph.D. Student at Gallaudet University talks about his research on SDSU NewsCenter!
UT article screenshot   The Union-Tribune names San Diego ‘brainiest’ city in the US and Dr. Karen Emmorey is mentioned for her contribution.
NYU article screen   Dr. Karen Emmorey gives a public lecture, The Signing Brain: What Sign Languages Reveal about Human Language and the Brain at New York University.
SDSU NewsCenter screen2   Dr. Karen Emmorey received the A.W. Johnson Research Lectureship Award in 2013 and delivers a public lecture “The signing brain: What sign language tell us about human language.”
Psychology Today screen capture   Dr. François Grosjean, “Life as a Bilingual” editor, interviews Dr. Karen Emmorey.
chhs site screen capture   Karen Emmorey received the 2011 Distinguished Faculty Award (Faculty Monty) during the All University Convocation, August 2011.
SDSU NewsCenter screen3   Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Professor, Dr. Karen Emmorey named AAAS Fellow and will present research on bimodal bilinguals at the 2011 AAAS Meeting.
UT screen capture3   The Union-Tribune announces prestigious science honor for SDSU Professor, Dr. Karen Emmorey.
KUSI video screen capture   LLCN Featured in KUSI News Segment.
ABC radio screen capture   “It’s on the tip of my finger!” featured on Australian Broadcasting Corporation site.
LiveScience screen   LLCN Director Karen Emmorey featured in LiveScience.
MSNBC screen   MSNBC: Spit it out! Tip of the tongue moments: Forgetfulness tied to how frequently we use words.
karen emmorey   LLCN Featured in SDSU NewsCenter.