• Babies are language sponges — even with sign language
    Just like early exposure to any other language, early exposure to sign language will support learning language later, whether it’s sign or spoken, colleague Dr. Rain Bosworth (UCSD) and others report from their NSF funded research.
  • Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2)
    VL2 is based on the campus of Galluadet University, and is one of six SLCs funded by the National Science Foundation. The purpose of VL2 is to gain a greater understanding of the biological, cognitive, linguistic, sociocultural, and pedagogical conditions that influence the acquisition of language and knowledge through the visual modality.
  • The Deafness Cognition and Language (DCAL) Research Centre
    DCAL is based at University College London and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). DCAL brings together leading deaf and hearing researchers in the fields of sign linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience.
  • SDSU Center for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
    The Center for Clinical & Cognitive Neuroscience exists as a collaboration between many of San Diego State University’s diverse schools and departments, from Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences to Psychology to Engineering.  This new center serves as the primary infrastructure for connecting leading researchers from across campus with similar interests and goals.