Research Reports

View the latest research reports from the LLCN!  See video about our latest findings on the bimodal brain.  More research reports will be added periodically, so please check back!

Iconicity: The superpower of sign languages (pdf)


Research shows English co-activation during recognition of ASL signs (pdf)


Neural signatures of skilled reading in deaf and hearing adults (pdf)

Signers use a speech-based code to store fingerspelled words in short-term memory (pdf)


ASL-LEX: A lexical database of American Sign Language (pdf)


Mapping the brain’s reading network in skilled deaf readers (pdf)



The bimodal bilingual brain has an ASL face (pdf)


Why do CODAs code-blend? (pdf)


Different preference for spoken language and sign language (pdf)



Learning ASL changes how you gesture when speaking English  (pdf)


Cross-linguistic competition and inhibitory control in bimodal bilinguals and The neural correlates of comprehending ASL- English code-blends (pdf)






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